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Our Story


Welcome to Beautiarc, a fashion brand that has cut a unique niche in the fashion industry, by setting the quality standards a pedestal higher. Our brand name is derived from the word beauty and true to our name, we provide authentic, unique, affordable, and high-quality, trendy fashion for all sizes. Think about this. Clothes reflect your personality and have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and the way people see you. That's why we are exceptionally keen to offer you apparel that will leave you more beautiful.


At Beautiarc, we believe that there is a unique inspiration that comes from wearing clothes you're proud of.  As such, we are committed to ensuring that whether you are spending time in the office, an easy day indoors, going for a party, or having a good time with friends, that you look and feel great wearing our clothes in all situations. We want you to walk with your head high, feeling more confident and stunningly trendy.


Ultimately, excellent customer service is vital to our business. We offer all our customers high-end customer service without exception, which makes us not only a business but also a fashionable and trendy brand that people can easily identify with and wear it with a sense of pride. From the first time you contact us to the moment you place your order to checkout, we treat you with a warmth that makes you feel welcome almost instantly.


What's more, our clothes are made in the USA and shipped nationally within 5-7 days.  We hope that there will be more fashion brands like ours in the future, but until then, Beautiarc remains the best choice. Shop with us now for the best experience as you achieve a beautiful style for the beautiful you!